Why attend?

A Two-Day Conference & Expo at The Lulu Bolgatty International Convention Centre, Grand Hyatt, Kochi, also called as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. It’ll be once in a lifetime experience. Experts in the field will share the table to discuss the latest research and exemplary practice in care, neurosciences, education and policies. An amalgamation of people who recognize the impact of quality early and primary education on the lives of children and their families.

·         Professional Growth Opportunities – the conference will expose you to new trends and ideas that will impact the future of your institution and help you discover ways of increasing your quality and productivity.

·         Networking with Experts and Peers – the conference provides a great opportunity to meet peers and experts on the same platform. Collaboration is the best way to expand your learning and best practice. Carry loads of visiting cards!

·         Meet New Vendors and Suppliers – some of the best suppliers and vendors will put up stalls at the conference. Mingle, meet, try out products, choose and upgrade your school resources.

·         Refuelling your Passion – listening to experts sharing their expertise can be a huge inspiration to take action! The ideas, research and best practices shared will help motivate you to think of what more is achievable. We guarantee many ‘aha moments’ and ‘eureka moments’!

·         Learn Tomorrow’s Trends Today – see what is new and what should be left behind. Success in early and primary education is all about innovative practice which is strongly based on research. Ideas are available on google too, but here you will gain insights on why the ideas are important and how can you rid your center of the pain-points of implementing ideas.

·         Have Fun! – carry your dancing shoes as there will be many opportunities for you to let your hair down and have fun with the old and new friends that you will make at the conference, from all over Asia.


All this in the magical city known as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Seaand as they say “Kochi is not just a city, it is a feeling…”

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