Vittal Bhandary

Vittal Bhandary
  • Founder and Managing Director, Learning Edge India Pvt Ltd
Mr. Vittal Bhandary, Founder and Managing Director conceptualized the Little Elly chain of preschools with the vision of nurturing great values in children, combining them harmoniously with early childhood education. For more than a decade, Little Elly has been committed to providing exceptional service through building relationships and has now emerged as one of the foremost leaders amongst preschools in India. It has taken years of single-minded focus, great passion, concerted effort and deep understanding about the dynamics of childcare, for him to lead an accomplished team of professionals, in developing an organization whose prime focus is transforming the nature of learning in preschools, rebuilding the way that students are taught, remodeling the nature of classroom approach and the future of education. His innovation, dedication and phenomenal belief in providing a meaningful, experiential and creative learning for the early learners so that they take with them experiences for a lifetime, has led to successful diversification of the business into:
  • Glentree Academy – K-10 CBSE school
  • Elly Childcare – Corporate Daycare Center
  • LETTER – Learning Edge Teacher Training, Education and Research Academy
  • Elly Club – An after school program
Mr Vittal Bhandary is continuing to make strides in his academic pursuit, by combining high-quality teaching and materials with activity-based learning in providing a valuable preschool experience for children and parents.  

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