Umme Salma

Umme Salma
  • Principal, New York Academy

Umme is currently working as the Principal of New York Academy, a progressive American School in Hyderabad. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Notre Dame de Namur University in California.  

Umme was born in Hyderabad and moved to California as a student and completed her Bachelors Degree in Child Psychology and Masters Degree in Education Administration from Santa Clara University. After working as a teacher and an administrator in Bay Area Elementary and Middle Schools, she realized the need to learn more about the Early Childhood Education, where every child begins his/her journey of becoming a lifelong learner; therefore, she pursued her degree in Early Childhood Education. The extensive training at Stanford University Research Lab and Children’s Center of Stanford Community and her interactions with some of the best educators in the world changed Umme’s perspective tremendously and she has become a staunch advocate of the importance of Early Childhood Education.  

Umme is a dynamic instructional leader with an enduring passion to help children reach their full potential not just academically but also socially, emotionally, and physically. A learner at heart, she is always encouraged to stay current with the best practices in education in areas like brain compatible learning, technology, behavior support systems, project-based learning, differentiated instruction, emotional intelligence, mindset, constructivism, etc.  

Umme believes that teaching and learning are irrevocably connected and effective teachers are the change agents in the society. They have the power to create life-long learners with a growth mindset. Effective teachers help their students reach their full potential. Therefore, there is no more critical need in the world today than training teachers in the science and art of teaching and learning. Her vision is to enhance, expand, and support teacher training in India by equipping teachers with current researched-based knowledge, with the skill set and mind-set to motivate and help their young learners. She collaborated with Notre Dame de Namur University to start a successful Pilot Teacher Training Program in India this past year, which is ongoing.  

She believes in the power of collaboration and professional learning communities to enhance every aspect of education system that positively contributes to the holistic development of children.  

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