Rama Datt

Rama Datt
  • Trustee, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum
An educationist, daughter of an Air Force Officer, an Army officer’s wife and mother to an army officer can’t be anything but a committed and disciplined person. Yes, she is a role model of many. Mrs. Rama Datt, Executive Trustee Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Il Museum Trust, Jaigarh Public Charitable Trust, Trustee Shila Mata Temple Trust, had a normal happy childhood and did her schooling, college in science stream at Dehradun. The inspiration came from her mother who was a strong, hardworking educationist. Living in a joint family, she easily imbibed the moral values which were passed to the younger generation with ease. For the past 37 years she has been in the field of education and has made efforts to make education easy, enjoyable and multidimensional at all levels. Her innovative policies have been accepted by the entire nation. She has worked at Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya, Jaipur, (1984 to 1996.), been the founder Principal of Mahaveer Public School, Jaipur (1996-2003). Steered Sanskar School, Jaipur, (2004-2017). At present, is an advisor to the same school, a member of the Governing Body of Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School & The Palace School. She is associated with ‘DISHA’ where she conducts Teacher Training Programmes. She has had various articles published in newspapers on Parent-Teacher relations, their role in the development of the children, the concept of education, etc. Her emphasis on the Students’ Resource Centre and Teachers’ Resource Center in schools where she worked has brought a total change in the teaching process. A much sought after resource person for city school workshops. Globally, she has also been invited for Exchange programs to Germany, USA, and UK for her outstanding contribution in the field of education, and her work, facilitated by various organizations. Interestingly, she never wanted to be a teacher. As luck would have it she got exposure to teaching and a chance to be amongst students — that was a turning point in her life. Today she takes pride in saying “l am a teacher”. In the early 80s, she took up primary classes for teaching as there was a lot of scope for innovations in teaching methods and shaping the curriculum. Reducing the number of prescribed books was the first step taken. Facing resistance from the parents. The next step came in form of ‘No exam’ for children up to class 2. With God’s grace, the learning graph of the students started rising and that gave her a lot of confidence. She was responsible for the selection of students for admission to class 1, in Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya, Jaipur. Out of 1000 plus applicants — 100 were to be chosen. Admission test was designed, some oral, some written, some skill-based, games and free play with 20 children for 3 hours, two groups in a day — which took about a month to interact with all nascent children. 100 were selected and rest had to go to other schools for admission. The parents whose child’s name was not in the list would break down and wonder why his/her ward was not selected. The regular annual experience was very painful, but the school system had to be followed. In 1996 she got a chance to start Mahaveer Public School. Under her leadership, she proposed to the Management Committee members, to start the school from KG and not class 1, to abolish entrance test. The number of vacancies for 100 seats had about 600 applications. She proposed for selection ‘by lottery’ and the instant reaction by the management was negative. She was lucky that they reconciled and went ahead with the lottery in the presence of all parents, teachers and members of the committee. It became a talk of the town, the media questioned — The child’s life begins with a gamble? She justified — it was better than rejection. Prospective parents accepted this system happily and it became a regular feature. Today, the lottery system is approved by the Government for admissions in schools for the entrance class everywhere. Rama Datt feels that God has been kind to her and she has had a smooth and progressive professional life. The only unusual pattern in her life she feels is she has worked for 3 upcoming rising new schools where she had to undergo all teething problems all over again and again. “That’s my expertise,” she laughs. The work pattern in her life was to reach the school to its heights and move on before one starts enjoying the fruits of your hard work. She was caught to set up next new school and enjoyed every bit of it. This gave her enough confidence to guide other institutions in these matters, and a lot of city principals would vouch for this. Her Blessings:
  • In 2002, honored by The Society of Unaided Private Schools of Rajasthan and also ‘Shree Radhakrishnan Samman’ by Avantika.
  • In 2005, Sawai Pratap Singh award by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh I l Museum, The City Palace.
  • In 2012, ‘Best Educationist Award’ and Certificate of Excellence by International Institute of Management and Education, ‘National Mahila Rattan Gold Medal Award’ by Indian Solidarity Council, ‘Eminent Educationist Award’ by National and International Compendium, ‘Vidya Ratan Gold Medal Award’ by International Institute of Education & Management, ‘Bharat Vidya Shiromani Award’ by Indian Solidarity Council, all seven at New Delhi.
  • In 2015 ‘The Women Empowerment Award 2015’ by Zee Marudhara and ‘Women Recognition Award 2015’ by Rajasthan Patrika and FM Tadka.
  • Her students in all three institutions have received national and international recognition in scholastic and co-scholastic activities. The chainless cycle being the most popular one.
  • Under her leadership, Sanskar School, received award for being one of the Best Schools of India adjudged on the basis of School Ranking Survey 2015, British Council International School Award 2013-2016 and 2016-19 and became the First Microsoft School.
Her office doors were always open for the students, teachers and parents without prior appointment. She believed in her students and teachers and always assured them that they were the best. Her philosophy of life is to spend her life on something that outlasts life itself and for her it is the love, sensitivity and understanding bestowed on the young ones in the process of grooming them to be responsible citizens in the near future. Her husband Major Y. N. Datt leads a retired life they have 2 sons Lt. Col. Kartik Datt and Vinayak Datt a banker. They both are well settled with their families. She is a doting grandmother of her 4 adorable grandsons. Full support from her family and guidance of Mrs. P. N. Kavoori her Principal at MSMSV made her what she is today. Her aim is to serve society — which has given her so much recognition and respect. Message to society: – Practice of moral values in life makes a person strong.

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