Dr Sarvesh Naidu

Dr Sarvesh Naidu
  • Executive Director, Pathways Schools
Dr Sarvesh Naidu  has had a teaching and administrative career spanning 41 years with vast international experience in four different Curricula: IB, ISC, CBSE and British across Canada, Italy, Dubai and India. He teaches English and World Religions and has been with the Pathways Group of Schools since 2007. He believes strongly in ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and moving away from relying totally on the IQ norms and the fact that parents need to allow every child to reflect deeply into himself/herself to find his/her true inner being, for it is through the passion and the inner connect that success sustains itself. Schools need to be inclusive and encourage growth, not elimination, according to him. He is a sportsman of high calibre having represented :
  • His School and College in 5 Sports and been awarded the Gibson Medal for excellence
  • His University in 4 Sports
  • Rajasthan in Ranji Trophy Cricket at the national level and
  • played in the Tennis Leagues in Italy and Dubai and the Squash League in Dubai, besides being a champion sportsperson in South India during his tenure there as Head of a School.
. he is also a keen mountaineer, and has directed plays and coordinated cultural events in Schools. An avid photographer, and a trained Search and Rescue Team Member with an organization in Canada. Dr. Naidu is a Board Member of TAISI; Mayo College, Ajmer, General Council; Lawrence School, Sanawar.

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