Dr K Lakshmi Rao

Dr K Lakshmi Rao
  • Academic Director, Jain Group of Institutions
6. Current Positions taken     Academic Director of Jain Group of Institutions. Toddlers to Grade Schools.
7. Previous Positions Taken   Principal    
8. Publications/ Awards/Achievements     1.Inspirational leader award from IBS. 2. Inspirational leader award from SOE. 3.Best Innovations &Practices in Early Childhood Education by SOE in Dubai World Summit. 4.Best Teacher award for three times. 5.Acharyadevobhava award by Brainfeed magazine 2016. 6. Designed PEARL Curriculum for ECE being practiced across 35 Pre- Schools. 7.Developed content &assessment for Grade VI &VII for English Olympiad. 8.Reviewed English Text Books of Grades IV &V for Ratnasagar Publications. 9.Developed DELIGHT  curriculum for ECE which was certified by ECE. 10.Presently developing Whole Brain curriculum from 1 ½ years to 8 years.    
9. No. of Years of Experience in Education 33 years
10. Interests   I have interest in effective& objective assessment & evaluation system. I am also interested in Training &development of teachers.
11. Mission/ Vision   Reach out as many children as possible through Transforming the teacher’ Pedagogy . Achieve the true purpose of Education so as to create good human beings who can contribute to the Society.    
12. Initiatives   Adopted SANKALP FOUNDATION an NGO to improve quality Education for under privileged society. Designing Whole Brain model . Designing Pre- School Curriculum with tool kit .    
13. Academic Background   Ph.D in Earlychildhood education M.BA in Education Management. M.A Eng. M.Ed. Dip in CIDTT from Cambridge University.    
14. Hobbies/Research Preferences Authored several educational articles in various magazines. Authored a book of poems “Songs of my Heart” Writing . Teaching Pedagogy, Innovative Tools &Techniques.  
15 Teacher Training Experience 2000- 2018 1.Child Psychology. 2.Differentiation. 3.Design Thinking Approach. 4.Assessmnet @Earlychildhood level. 5.M.I 6.Designing Learning Spaces 7.Designing Lessons. 8.Classroom management. 9.Six Thinking Hats . 10.Flipped Vs Blended Classrooms. 11.Language acquisition @Pre-School. 12.Low Cost Teaching Aid workshop. 13.Activity Based Teaching @ECE. 14.Tech led Classes & Cloud based learning.

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