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With the motto Our Children. Our Future., Early ED Asia 2020 aims to provide a platform for networking, learning, and sharing the best practices of early childhood education in Asia.

The event will focus on relevant research and developmentally appropriate practices in care, neurosciences, education and policies for the betterment of Early Childhood Education.

Organized by ScooNews, Association for Primary Education & Research and Early Childhood Association, India; Early ED Asia 2020 is the largest Childhood Conference of Asia.

The conference will be an effort to bring in more hands to join in and support the reform of Early Childhood Development (ECD). Collaborations will be established with local and international organizations, and professionals in the ECD space.

To make a better tomorrow for those innocent smiles, the deliberations and discussions at EarlyED Asia 2020 will provide educators and government organizations with the latest ideas and best practices and research in early childhood education. A conference that makes you ponder over the future of children’s education and helps you invest wisely in ongoing professional development, policies and practice.

Our sessions will facilitate deep reflection with an opportunity to learn from ECE experts while you network with peers from Asia and around the globe. Meet leading suppliers and witness the latest technology, toys, books and other valuable material available to support your early childhood education.

All work and no play make Jack ‘n’ Jill, dull people! So, don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes to have fun with some old and some new friends!


ScooNews is India’s largest Media platform for the education sector comprising of print, online, online TV and events. ScooNews magazine has a monthly print run of 70,000 copies nationally with a targeted readership of 350,000.

ScooNews through its print and digital channels offers teachers, administrators and school technologists a platform where they can learn and improve using a trove of new practical content. It also allows them a space to interact and share views & knowledge on education best practices and resources.

For more information, please visit the link: https://www.scoonews.com/


Early Childhood Association is the only non-profit association in this country that is working to ensure that all stakeholders that impact the early years of children , come together on one platform to ensure that every child in this country has access to quality and safety. We bring together parents, teachers, school heads, policy makers, publications, corporate houses as our members and help them design programs that will enrich the early years of children. We are active in over 22 territories in India and have memberships of over 10,000 preschools, teachers, parents. Over 40 corporates are are member and 20 NGO’s also are our members. ECA is run by educationists and our founder President is Dr. Swati Popat Vats. 

Early Childhood Development – early education and care – makes a difference that persists well into adulthood. It shapes who you become. At that age, your brain is making new connections that will one day become the blueprint for your life. And at that age, if you don’t receive the right kind of care or learning, you will grow up with…  a few crayons missing from your life’s pencil box. And why should that happen to anybody?

The problem is not that we don’t want to care for our children. People just need to know how. Parents, teachers, the government – all the stakeholders in the future of our children – we go about it on a trial-by-fire basis, learning each time as the child grows up. But we need a more structured, a more uniform way to do this. …At the Early Childhood Association of India, that is our mission – to help the country invest in taking care of its youngest citizens.

We do this with workshops, conferences, publications and research to ensure that the littlest citizens of this country get a voice when it comes to budgets, policies and laws that govern quality and safety in the early years.

Early Childhood Association works to ensure that every child gets a right start and a better childhood so that future of this country is  stronger and safer.

It’s not going to happen overnight. We are looking at big changes, revolutionary changes – but we are still taking baby steps. Still, if we can learn anything from these children, it’s that baby steps can make a big difference if they are in the right direction.

For more information, please visit the link: http://www.eca-india.org



Having had eight successful and eventful years, the ECA decided to extend its boundaries and offer similar services in the areas of enrichment, networking, research, and assessment for the primary years too. This led to the creation of the Association for Primary Education and Research (APER), as a vertical under the aegis of ECA.

APER is tailored around promoting a growth mindset which will help to ignite the human greatness in all stakeholders. APER will support teacher training and enhancement programs that will aid in promoting the holistic development of children by promoting creativity, strengthening self-directed learning skills, imbibing core values, as well as helping them adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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